We built a team of experienced and knowledgeable brewers, engineers, and designers at Craft Kettle who are here to help the craft industry evolve and innovate into the future. We understand your strengths as a brewer depend heavily on the design and function of your equipment, and we sweat the details to ensure you have what you need to make a consistent, quality product.

Our team knows how to have a good time, but more importantly, we know our craft and we take quality, safety, and design seriously. It takes both great equipment and a strong and knowledgeable partner to excel in this industry. We’d love to be the partner that helps to make your brewery better.

Matthew Amoss, founder

Our parent company has more than thirty years experience in fabrication and design, but when we formed Craft Kettle, we knew it would take more than experience to build the perfect craft brewery equipment. That's why our mission is focused on Craft. From our hiring practices to our weekly team meetings, we keep the eye on the values that make the Craft industry great.


We will always

focus on Craft

We believe that independent brewers with the right resources have the ability to make a far superior product than the beverages backed by large corporate investors. We know that people matter, and we value the long-term relationships we form. We think the key to success in any industry is successful and simple innovation, and we value bold thinking, problem solving, and long-term growth and sustainability. All of these values set us apart on the equipment side in this industry, and we think you'll be excited to work with our team because of it.





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A few of the people that

Make us Better

James Walton

Engineer / Jack of All Trades

James is an experienced mechanical engineer, field engineer, and PLC technician. He has a BTEC in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kent in the UK and has spent considerable time in the field in the brewing industry and around the world working on steam and gas turbines, including in Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and the UAE. On any given day, James might move from drafting in 3D CAD, to tack welding our process piping, to leading our large tank rigging operations. He truly is a jack of all trades.  

Jeremy F. King

Brewery Design Consultant

Jeremy is an experienced commercial brewer. He has a B.S. in Biotechnology from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, and he was working on his PH.D. in Biochemistry at Purdue University when he decided to join the craft beer world in 2005. Jeremy has a knack for driving efficiency and growth on small systems. As Head Brewer at Castle Danger Brewery, he oversaw an expansion from 1,125 bbls to 9,200 bbls annually in two years. He was then growing Urban Growler Brewing from 1,000 bbls to 4,000 bbls annually in one year, when Craft Kettle hired him to lead consulting and sales.  

Mike Kelly

Assembly / Repair Technician

Mike is a combat veteran who served for the U.S. Army as an Intelligence Analyst on tour in Iraq before finding his way into the brewing industry. He has a wide range of relevant experience ranging from panel wiring to draft system installations. Mike leads our brewhouse assembly processes and will often travel onsite to setup and wire new projects. He's been known to enjoy a drink or two with brewers after install projects, so don't be afraid to invite him out after a long day.

Daniel Goldwyn


Daniel is an experienced commercial brewer and engineer. He has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from U.C. Davis, where he studied brewing in the food science division. After starting his career as a brewer working on a 15 BBL production brewhouse, he transitioned to the equipment engineering side where he worked for IDD Process & Packaging as a Brewery Projects Engineer. Daniel leads our final commissioning team and is known for his incredible demeanor in over-the-phone troubleshooting.