From custom expansion projects to full brewhouse builds, we help breweries reach their full potential.

Designed by our experienced brewers and engineers in New Orleans to meet the needs of the craft brewer, our superior equipment is built to last and ready to expand along with your business.

Our Capabilities

Our Team

  • Matthew Amoss

    Matthew Amoss


  • Linda Landesberg

    Linda Landesberg

    VP Operations

  • Deb Clarke

    Deb Clarke

    Brewery Design Consultant

  • Jonathan Stewart

    Jonathan Stewart

    Logistics Manager

  • James Walton

    James Walton


  • Mike Kelly

    Mike Kelly

    Assembly/Repair Tech

  • Rodolfo Martinez

    Rodolfo Martinez

    Brewery Engineer

  • Bob Amoss

    Bob Amoss

    Construction Engineer

  • Bobby Moore

    Bobby Moore

    Lead Drafter

  • Keisha Calderon, CPA

    Keisha Calderon, CPA


  • Patrick Jones

    Patrick Jones

    Technology Consultant

Forget half-empty or half-full. We're full pint people. We've assembled a team of gear geeks, design experts, and beer lovers to help fuel the craft beer movement with top-quality equipment that's still within reach. Because at the end of the day, your growth is our business.

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