Miel Brewery & Taproom

Miel (pronounced ME-ELLE) Brewery & Taproom was first conceived in 2016 by Alex Peyroux and Janice Montoya, a couple with a love of brewing, science and all things art. Their eagerness to do what they love for a living and to build a community to share their handiwork is what drove them to make Miel a reality.

Choosing an Equipment Partner

Back in November of 2016, Alex reached out to Craft Kettle, to inquire about designing a custom-made system for Miel. The team at Craft Kettle worked closely with Alex and Janice from the beginning to collaborate on making their dream brewery a reality. Vice-President of Operations, Linda Landesberg, toured several potential locations for the project. With her extensive experience in construction and project management, Linda provided advice and guidance on the feasibility of the sites and helped Craft Kettle's engineers develop several potential layouts for the brewery. 

Working With Craft Kettle

When Alex and Janice chose to invest in a Craft Kettle brewhouse, they knew that the same person who helped them design their brewhouse would be onsite for first brew and available for advice and consultation after commissioning. Craft Kettle's team is packed with experienced commercial brewers. We were the first equipment company to hire brewers as the primary point of contact for all of our projects.

Craft Kettle's Brewery Design Consultants are responsible for managing our relationships with brewers from initial inquiry all the way through to commissioning service calls. It's truly a different experience when your point of contact knows how to make great beer on the equipment they're promoting.

Alex and Janice of Miel Brewery, photo courtesy of Trip Ulvila

"Craft Kettle worked with us from the very beginning," says brewer Alex Peyroux. "Their expertise helped get the perfect system for us. They have incredible customer service and knowledgeable staff - on top of that they really helped us with planning for future expansion. So, you can imagine our excitement when the brewhouse we had been working on for so long finally showed up in person - it felt like a dream come to life."

photo courtesy of George Silvertooth at Concordia

  • The Best Equipment & Service in the Industry
  • Advice & Consultation From a Team of Experts Throughout the Entire Process
  • Experienced Brewers Help to Custom Design Your Brewery Layout & Equipment
  • On-site Commissioning and First Brew With The Same Brewer That's Managed Your Project From the Begining