• All glass wort-grant with optional automated level control
  • Sanitary brewhouse pumps with stainless steel wash-down motor enclosures
  • Rake and spent grain plow powered by Nord Drivesystems
  • V-wire lauter floor designed with circular symmetric sections for optimum bed flow
  • Tempered glass top manways with brewery logo printing
  • Guidance from experienced brewers before, during, & after your install
  • Designs, layouts, & specifications perfected by our brewers & engineers
  • Onsite commissioning support during unload & install through first brew
  • An outstanding warranty and unparalleled service that goes beyond the terms


Craft Kettle sets a new standard for commercial brewing equipment. Brewing is fun, but it’s important to keep in mind that a brewery is an industrial food- processing plant. Our team knows how to have a good time, but more importantly, we know our craft and we take quality, safety, and design seriously. We want you to make great beer, and it takes both great equipment and a strong and knowledgeable partner to get there. We’d love to be the partner that helps to make your brewery, better.

Brewhouse Efficiency

Whether you’re working on one of our manual systems or one of our fully automated powerhouses, our design consultants know how to get the most out of each and every brewhouse. After all, they’re all former brewers. Mastering a brewhouse isn’t easy, but we work side by side with you to measure and tweak every detail until you know how to make amazing, consistent, and cost-conscious beer. You provide the vision for the recipe and we’ll help you perfect it.

Weld Quality

Craft Kettle employs certified sanitary stainless welders and uses automatic orbital welding for process piping. You won’t find a higher quality offering in the industry. Unqualified welds can lead to microbiological growth, making your beer quality inconsistent or worse. We’ve seen unsanitary welding in breweries, and it is a major concern. You can rest assured that when you work with us your equipment product contact surfaces will be smooth, sanitary, and thoroughly inspected. Our superior craftsmanship and quality program ensure you will get the best weld possible.


The details matter, and we sweat the details. Our engineers are unmatched, and our professional development program keeps our team at the forefront of the industry. We design for ease of use and easy/ functional automation. With a training program that includes real brewing experience, course work, and even sensory training, our engineers know what it takes to make consistently great beer and it shows in the quality of our brewhouses.


It takes a brewer to know how a brewery should function