Hop Back & Cold-Side Doser


The Craft Kettle Hop Back & Cold-Side Doser is a multi-purpose vessel. Use this tank as a hop back to capture those precious aromas that you might otherwise miss using other hopping techniques or use it on the cold side to maximize the effects of adding hops post-fermentation. If you can't multitask, why are you in the craft beer industry anyway?

•The filters are removable, so you can opt to push the content into the FV (For example, when dry-hopping)

  • Pass through en route to from kettle to FV (this may work well for adding things like spices or juice-heavy fruits like raspberries), and so avoiding adding bulk solids to the FV
  • Circulate through the tank from FV drain to the doser to the racking arm using a combination of the mesh filters and perhaps some muslin bags (The mesh filters are there to remove large/coarse debris, so you can also use muslin bags to create a finer strain). 20 minutes or so is essentially one full spin in the tank, and we would recommend circulating for 60 minutes to achieve extraction.
  • The Doser does not have a pump associated with it so you will need to use your mobile pump or a brewhouse pump to push through the doser.
      · quick-tilt frame for easily removing spent hops and other solids
      · tangential whirlpool inlets designed to maximize extraction
      · easy view sight glass
      · easily movable frame with heavy-duty casters
      · hold open safety locks

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