Beaumont, TX

A Semi-Automatic 15 BBL 2-Vessel Steam Brewhouse
The Perfect Light-Production Brewery

The brewhouse Craft Kettle installed at Pour Brothers Brewery in Beaumont, TX is the perfect entry-level brewhouse for startups or expanding breweries looking to dip their toe into production and distribution. 

This brewhouse enjoys all the standard features on Craft Kettle's typical Micro and Production Brewhouses, such as the brewer's sink and sampling bath, incoming grist hydrator station, custom glass manway branding, vorlauf sampling station, and incoming liquor stations. We added a few great automation features--like automatic liquor blending, sanitary wort grant level control, and knock-out temperature control--to increase process control and help the brewers focus on the science of brewing.


Some Cold-Side Cellar Highlights

When it comes down to it, it's the little details that really set Craft Kettle apart on the equipment side, even with equipment as simple as a fermenter.

Craft Kettle's manway has plastic tabs to prevent metal to metal contact from scratching your tank. The racking arm comes straight out, parallel to the ground, to increase the turning range inside the tank--not to mention the use of a DIN fitting over the unruly tri-clamp connection that some suppliers use here. The glycol jacket connections are also parallel to the ground to prevent air-bubble traps from slowing your cooling flow. The bottom dump ports start at 3" and reduce down inline to allow a brewer to clean out even the worst dry hopping and cold-side addition messes. The pro parts package pairs calibrated pressure gauges and thermometers with the highest quality forged butterfly valves. And, the list goes on...

Even the most experienced brewers don't always notice every difference until they spend some time at a different brewery.


The Features on Craft Kettle Fermenters and Cellar Tanks are Perfect for Experienced Brewers

The real engineering difference is on display with the CK II 2-Station Keg Washer. This machine truly is the best in its class. Craft Kettle is pursuing several patents on this machine that will ensure that no other washer will be able to compete at this level.


If you're in the Beaumont area or headed through Texas on Interstate 10 any time soon, stop by Pour Brothers Brewery and have a beer. The tastes on tap are crisp, light, and traditional, and we know the equipment is going to help them continue to pump out consistently good beer.

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The brewhouse Craft Kettle installed at Pour Brothers Brewery in Beaumont, TX is the perfect entry-level brewhouse for startups or expanding breweries looking to dip...

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